December 31st, 2016

10 Best Holiday Social Media Campaigns

10 best holiday social media campaigns

The end-of-year holidays are great time, not only for the shoppers but also for the businesses as this provides an ideal time to grow your following, boost sales, and increase engagement.

This is the best time to unleash your innovation and launch a marketing social media campaign to engage more visitors to your business and start making them your loyal consumers. You’l want to think of as many as ideas as you can for the coming holiday marketing campaigns on social media platforms. Exploring the ideas of best social media campaign, you’ll be able to pick a good mix of campaigns that won’t wear out your audience.

Holiday Social Media Campaigns

Aiming to help you get the best idea for your marketing campaign this festival season, we bring to you the list of some most innovative and result-oriented ideas for social media campaigns to give boost to your sales and increase visibility in your target market.

So, let’s start exploring the best 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Be sure to try a mix of different campaigns over the holiday season like Christmas campaign, Halloween campaign etc, so you get plenty of feedback about what works best for you.

1. Christmas Contest Idea

10 best holiday social media campaigns

One of the easiest Christmas social media campaign ideas to run is a comment giveaways. It is usually easier for your target audience to take part in the campaign and easier for you to track entries easily.

This campaign has a lot to like about it:

1. The instructions and the prize should on the photo itself.
2. The picture should be eye-catching and very well staged.
3. Questions should be simple: What’s your favourite holiday treat?

With photographs, it’s easier for you to provide everything that is needed for the promotion, making it useful to re-purpose on the leading social media platforms like Instagram, Tweeter etc. Keep these things in mind when designing your own Christmas campaign.

2. Black Friday Idea

It’s always easy to start with a simple, easy to run and manage Facebook Like or Comment giveaway campaign as this brings more visitors to your campaign and help turning them into the real buyers. You can simply ask your fans to do one (or both) to be entered.

When preparing a Black Friday Comment or Facebook Like campaign, make sure to public the instructions that are easy to understand with should offer valuable cool prizes. This simplicity helps your campaign get over 10,000 likes!

3. Thanksgiving Campaign

Instagram hashtag giveaway idea is one of the best social media campaigns. Thansgiving and jewellery are great visual opportunities, and Instagram is one of the most result-oriented platform for a #hashtag giveaway.

Simple Hashtag campaigns on Instagram are great type of social media campaigns. When launching a campaign on Instagram, make sure to display clear instructions on the image itself, and there won’t be a need to worry about crambing instructions into the description-comment fields.

4. Cyber Monday Tweeter Retweet Giveaways

This Cyber Monday, consider launching a simple Twitter giveaway as this is one of the easiest way for fans to enter. Visitors find it easier to enter into the Retweet campaign and enjoy great benefits that you may be offering.

Try asking for tweets for some simple questions that people might find enjoyable to answer like ‘what is your favourite style?’ Try offering prize descriptions as well as the full instructions for the tweet.

5. Enticing Sales Promotions

Of course, end-of-year being the biggest buying season of the year, you will want your target audience to buy. No matter you are going to launch the social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, there’s so many ways to attract buyers:

1. Free shipping or buy one get one free offers
2. Early bird or limited quantity sales
3. Site-wide discounts or category discounts

6. Big Sale With Engagement

During the New Years, you can always run a big new year sale and drive more people to your business to sell more without causing a damage to your financial chart.

You can ask for a ‘thumbs up’ for people ready for a giveaway. This is one o the best ways to engage more visitors as that’s an effective and emotional way to get people to like, comment or share the post.

7. Limited Time Discount

You can call it a human tendency, people are more likely to check the products that are listed under ‘limited time discount’ banner and hence this can be the best social media campaign to grow your sales and financial revenue. To drum up business during potentially slow periods, try offering a large discount good for a specific time period.

Try using the following ideas:

1. Free shipping or buy one get one free offers
2. One day only or limited quantity sales
3. Site-wide discounts, special purchase items, category discounts

8. The BOGO Flash Sales

BOGO or buy one get one, is the most result-oriented way to bring more visitors to your business via the social media campaign. This lets more buyers to buy more products that are listed in their budget. ‘Buy one get one’ are simply irresistible way to get sales-weary people to click.

9. Tweet Your New Year’s Resolution

What’s your New Year resolution? Ask your target audience and in turn you can be offering some giveaways that they would love to enjoy on this New Year. You don’t need to sell consumer products to run effective giveaway. Anyone, including a medical office can give away something that its patients may want!

10. Instagram Flash Sale

Try offering something ‘daily sales for everyone’ on social media Instagram to bring more visitors to your store and sell more this festival season. This may be the best result-oriented Christmas campaign as online buyers just love to shop through the Flash Sales.

Try a different type of promotion daily such as:

1. Free shipping
2. Giveaways
3. Buy one get one free offers
4. Sitewide discounts

Try using the above mentioned ideas for social media campaign and you’re likely to experience a great difference in the sales and increased number of customer engagement.

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