December 23rd, 2016

8 Amazing Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Businesses

8 Amazing Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Businesses

Social media platforms have been great help for online and offline businesses to achieve more sales and attract more visitors. With more than 1.71 billion active users, Facebook stands atop the social media platforms to give a better image and presence to the global businesses.

Ever since Facebook introduced chat bots, developers have been submitting their bots for Facebook approval. With thousands of Facebook Messenger Chatbots available, it may be complicated for the businesses to find out the best one. As a pioneer in Chatbot development, here we have conducted some research on results provided by the chatbots, and identified some must have facebook messenger chatbots for businesses.

Chatbots for business

1. Hello Jarvis

Just like the Apple’s Siri managed to assist people in a great way and Microsoft brought out Cortana, developed these days have been trying to make chatbots that to integrate with your chat program to remind you to do certain things at certain times. One of the most renowned and professionally used chatbots for businesses is Hello Jarvis, helping people to do something as a certain time. This can be a great help for businesses. You can simply say something and this chatbot will remind you of that on the set time.

Jarvis is a clever chatbot as this understands what you are saying. Well, asking it about the location of Hawgwarts would be unfair. It doesn’t like that stereotype.

Chatbots for Businesses Hello Jarvis

Source: Hello Jarvis

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2. Assist

This is another great Facebook chatbot, helping people with some very basic professional and personal tasks. One can easily see the menu of things it can do for their business and can simply choose the task. Assist will then presumably reach out to whichever service it is contracted with to get the task done and it will be done for sure.

Well, it’s not free as you can’t get such an intelligent business partner without spending a single penny. So, get ready to plonk some cash down.

This comes with an amazing feature – send a letter. One can easily choose between a printed or handwritten letter. While the letter is restricted to 35 words, so it can’t send big romantic letters to your other half.

3. Fynd

In the range of Facebook messenger chatbots for businesses is Fynd. This is a fashion bot, specially designed for the online fashion stores. Just say what you are looking for and it will find the best suitable product according to the keywords provided by the user.

4. Kukie

Well, we all have one or more business ideas in mind, but for some of us that idea is proving elusive/ Kukie is a great chatbot for Facebook messenger that gives your startup ideas, as well as resources for starting a startup business.

Along with startup ideas, this also helps in looking for the best names, domains, logos, marketing and much more. So, if you are thinking of to start a new business then give a try using Kukie as this may be what you need to speak the old brain cells.

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5. Air Meekan

Operating an airlines business is extremely competitive, especially with a wide range of airlines already offering great services out there. With lots of options available, offering affordable flight ticket solutions, it may be quite often too hard to find the best one. After all, the airlines do want you flying full fare whenever possible.

With this amazing Facebook messenger chatbot, one can tell it from where he (or she) is going to where they want to go. Also this helps people with when they want to leave and when they want to return. Simply speak up your destination and you will be able to find best deals in your budget. It can be a great help for the online ticketing websites or travel businesses.

6. Wall Street Journal

As the name suggests, this is good for all of those online users who watch the stock market carefully every single day. With this chatbot, user can easily check the current share prices and whether the stock is rising or falling. Also, one can easily look for the financial news headlines.

7. Dinner Ideas

Well, i know it might seem something unprofessional, but sometimes you need support to decide where to go on a business dinner with partners or clients. So this is where this chatbot is able to help you. This is a paid tool which you can choose to have delicious recipe sent to you either weekly or daily.

8. Digg

After a decade of its sudden disappearance, Digg is back with a great team that is hard at work provide that Digg is a great place to be again. Every day, it sends emails to your inbox with summary of the best Digg links and video pages that is an excellent choice.

The bots, today, are slowly trickling in for messenger, as Facebook approves them. We hope this review will help you start with the best one for your business.

If you are interested in building Chatbots for your businesses, we will be happy to offer Free Consultation to you!

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