October 8th, 2019

Boundless Potential: Mobile Video Marketing

Is mobile video marketing a force to be reckoned with? You bet!

Back in 2015, UK adults on average spent 15 minutes on mobile video daily.  The figure is predicted to surge to 58 minutes by 2021, according to eMarketer.

A recent study commissioned by Facebook Marketing Science found that mobile video ads drew attention faster and were watched for longer, in comparison to static ads on Facebook. Meanwhile, Instagram internal data from June 2017 showed that people spent 80% more time in just a year watching videos on Instagram.

Video opportunities across Facebook family

The four major avenues for video-advertising are stories, feed, out-stream, and in-stream. The first three are fantastic for advertisers with quick, fun and engaging videos; while in-stream is ideal for those with longer ad videos or complex messages to convey. 

Breaking common myths

Myth 1: Video doesn’t work for direct response

Having both static image and video in the same campaign is actually more effective for direct response and brings in more conversions than image-only or video-only campaigns, according to FBIQ. 

Myth 2: The same ad can be used on TV and Facebook

Ads adapted to mobile delivered better results in terms of viewing time and aided

recall, compared to traditional narratives, a research by FBIQ showed. 

Myth 3: Video on TV engages audience better

While people may spend more time overall watching video on TV than on mobile, viewers are more engaged, excited and inspired watching video on mobile, a research commissioned by Facebook indicated.

Myth 4: Facebook is only for the young ones

According to eMarketer, in the UK, there are 5.7m Facebook users aged 45-54, compared to 4.4m aged 18-24 in 2019. In fact, the 65+ age group is seen to grow the fastest in the coming five years.

Myth 5: Video is not long enough for financial services advertising

Simple solution: sequenced video delivery  It drives brand metrics and brings across messages in a structured manner.

Mobile video marketing is now one of the most effective tools to promote businesses. If you haven’t explored this area yet, well, it’s time to start!

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