April 10th, 2018

The Art of Going Viral

The digital marketing industry is incredibly competitive, what makes some creative campaigns more effective than others? When it comes to introducing a new product in the market, effective social media strategies are crucial to increase visibility among the target audience, no matter how notable your brand already is. Simply put, an effective strategy is the right idea carried out by the right KOL.

In our recent collaboration with Subway Hong Kong, we’ve fostered a video production that generated some 516,000 video views, 11,000 reactions, 1,500 comments and 3,400 shares since 19 March, 2017. Originated from the U.S.A., Subway is a fast food franchise specialised in submarine sandwiches tailor-made from a variety of ingredients, sauces and bread options. As humdrum as it seems to the Americans, Subway’s ordering routine has become a talk of the town in Hong Kong for customers’ hesitation in pronouncing foreign ingredient names.

For the launch of the brand’s BBQ meatball sandwich, we worked with the young and restless Pomato to produce a hilarious video making fun of local customers placing orders by simply pointing at the food and uttering “This, this, this.”. The video generated empathy among a great deal of social media users.

In order to promote their newly-launched Beef Pastrami Sandwich, we’ve also invited Uncle Siu British English Club, a British English expert with a fan base of around 300,000 to produce a video on the correct pronunciation of Subway ingredients. It took on the momentum of the first video and generated even greater noise, resulting in outstanding marketing effect.

Every brand boasts a unique customer experience. And identifying it helps create engagement and further strengthens its brand-customer relationship. Feel free to contact us for your next viral online campaign.

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