July 5th, 2018

Advertising at Facebook Marketplace

In 2018, individuals surfing on Facebook has amounted to an average of 1.45 billion per day, which is over one-fifth of the total world population. This versatile and gargantuan base of active users is why you need to know about Facebook Marketplace.

Launched in 2016, Facebook Marketplace allows both individuals and businesses to buy and sell commodities and services. Now, businesses can also place ads in Marketplace and reach out to target audience while they’re actively shopping. Those who are already advertising on Facebook can easily extend your ads to Marketplace by selecting Automatic Placements in Ads Manager, where they will appear alongside product and service listings.

Facebook Marketplace provides established businesses with an additional channel to expose their goods and services to a broader target audience while eliminating regional boundaries. For start-ups, the Marketplace also serves as a far-reaching platform to build brand awareness and expand the scale of business in a shorter period of time.

Advertising across Facebook platforms is an easy way to further the reach of your target audience, talk to us if you wish to know about more ways to connect with them.


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