July 5th, 2018

Finding your Right Audience with Geo-targeting

When working on target marketing, online marketers often go all out to solve a key puzzle in mind: How to maximise efforts while minimising errors? With a simple digital tool, we’ve found a solution for one of our clients.

We worked with fast food franchise Subway on the promotion of Everyday Value, a combo launched earlier this year to compete with fellow fast food chain’s meal set deals. With only 24 stores in Hong Kong, Subway was set for an effective online campaign that reached out to the right customers in the right place — with the help of Geo-targeting. 

Geo-targeting is a technology that makes online ads relevant to target audience based on their physical location. We activated seamless touch points at 18 of Subway stores and some of its nearby competitor stores, collecting anonymised data from the mobile phones of visitors every day.

This system identifies potential customers and classifies them into different segments, allowing us to re-target ads on Google Display Network, Facebook, Line and Weibo accordingly with A/B testing. 

We prepared two sets of ad creatives for the given market segmentation, one highlighted the discount, the other on a brand new food item. Effectiveness of the two ads is quantifiable by the number of purchases prompted by respective ads. The campaign ran for three weeks and was a great success. 

When done right, Geo-targeting is a highly accurate and cost-effective way to maximise ad efficacy, especially in the fast-moving retail and F&B industries. It adds value to a brand’s initiatives by gaining a better understanding of customer behaviour and essentially, helping to designate budget and resources to the right audience. Reach out and learn more from us if you are interested!


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