August 13th, 2018

Going the Extra Mile with Social Media

With its unique ability to effectively reach and engage niche audiences and communities, social media is a powerful platform for brands to achieve both business goals and amplify social impact.

Making use of such connectedness, New Digital Noise is assisting Extra Mile.  A community investment project collaboratively run by the Airport Authority Hong Kong and Social Ventures Hong Kong, to integrate social purpose alongside its marketing objective — to raise public awareness of the initiative.

Extra Mile endeavours to empower social and economic growth of Hong Kong, in particular, the Lantau Island community. By nurturing talents and encouraging participation in aviation-related industries.

The initiative emphasizes on balancing business and social values within these three programmes, namely Working Holiday @Lantau, The Pioneer and Educare. On the one hand, the programmes attracted high calibre candidates for the airport and its business partners, creating a upward mobility opportunities for the community.

Working Holiday @Lantau provides a one-year work placement with accommodation for working youths. This is where we apply user-generated content (UGC) on Facebook — enriching target audience’s online experience with unique happenings through a one-of-a-kind placement. Such sticky content (content that people are interested in) is what we need to raise awareness for the initiative.  

Social media also enables us to connect with people directly, especially those who feel socially excluded or outside the radar of traditional marketing and advertising. Examples include stay-home parents and non-Chinese speakers (NCS) in Hong Kong, who are the participants of Extra Mile’s two other programmes. The Pioneer programme offers leadership training and job placement for NCS, nurturing them as team leaders who bridge local supervisors and NCS employees. Educare is a one-year-after-school care programme for primary school kids in Tung Chung, which in turn free up talented parents to work at the Hong Kong International Airport.

In this project, the Extra Mile Facebook has achieved its primary goal of raising people’s awareness. It notifies our audience of programme updates, delivers positive social values, makes noise and brings together different communities. Contact us for more information if you have a similar goal!

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