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Engage with a younger crowd on social network to accelerate sales and increase average monthly subscription


The average age of China Mobile subscribers is higher than other service providers which is explained by the low brand awareness and engagement rate on social media. This demographic issue is reflected on sales, accusing one of the lowest monthly fee per client in the Hong Kong telecom market.


New Digital Noise provides 360° digital communications solutions and social media campaign strategy to transform China Mobile Hong Kong. Our goal is to engage with a younger crowd on social network through social media management, fresh and engaging content production including videos, KOL marketing, events and O2O marketing.

Examples of Work

China mobile Digital hk strategy

For KOL marketing, we produced a 5-min micro-movie starring Youtuber Jumbo Tsang. The viral video has attracted more than 154,000 views. To boost fans engagement, we also launched a series of mini games and campaigns on Facebook and traditional channels, such as bus panels and roadshows for WeChat launch.

China mobile KOL Digital hk strategy

Rather than hard-selling the joint-promotion for Redmi and Méthode SWISS, our team has produced a video using real “red rice” (literally Redmi in Chinese) as the guessing game, making it playful to attract young audience.


With New Digital Noise actions on social network, the number of Facebook fans went from 35,000 to 140,000 fans, a 400% increase during the 18 months period. China Mobile can now engage and communicate with a younger crowd. In fact, 73% of fans are under 34 years old. Sales has been greatly increased as the younger demographic are willing to pay more for data services.

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