Jolly Shandy

Awarded Top Brand in Post Engagement and Top Facebook Post in June and July by Social Baker

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Social engagement


Brand in Post Engagement


Reaching out to top influencers through real-time marketing and viral marketing


In addition to a social media marketing plan with fixed schedule, the team’s social media strategy is to apply trending events and viral topics in town to engage with the socially savvy target audience.


Targeting young “influencers”, the social media tactics is to radiate positive energy by encouraging them to pursue their dreams and be themselves. “Life is not easy” was made as the punch line to create viral campaigns.

Examples of Work

The local singer Wilfred Lau’s (劉浩龍) published a controversial Facebook post that was widely considered to be rude towards labourers by saying he lost his appetite after seeing a man with filthy hands at a restaurant. Knowing this would be viral, our team immediately created a post piggybacking him. The post was virally shared in town and brought 4000 new page likes to Jolly Shandy within 2 days.


On a Sunday night, Hong Kong singer James Ng (aka Kwan Gor) won his first music awards after years of hard work. Tears that stream down his cheeks touched and inspired thousands on social media overnight. Knowing that the Kwan Gor effect would go viral, the team immediately crafted real-time content that incorporates Jolly Shandy’s brand message.


Jolly Shandy was awarded as the No.1 brand of the month in Facebook Post Engagement Rate, while the aforementioned post became the TOP Facebook post in Jun and Jul 2015, according the Social Baker.  Besides, Jolly Shandy’s fans have evolved into a creative and active community. The interactive conversations between “Miss Admin” and the fans are a funny and enjoyable read. Apart from actively giving likes, comments and shares, the fans will also re-create and generate content for the page.

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