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Fans Engagement


Click Through Rate


High Fans Engagement and Conversion of Offline Sales


To increase brand awareness through social media marketing and convert online fans to profitable offline consumers through active social engagement.


We identified a group of  potential customers aged between 26-34 who are social-savvy users. To enhance the Click Through Rate, product visuals were re-designed and shown with healthy tips linking to the OSIM website.

Examples of Work

With an aim to engaging fans, our team picked the Mothers’ Day as the main theme. A campaign complementing Mums’ love won thousands of fans’ hearts. They voluntarily shared the contents and expressed their heart-felt thanks to their Mums.

Rather than hard-selling the OSIM’s products, we created a mini-game campaign and the audience were delighted to participate for winning prizes. They were willing to share their comments with friends as well.

Re-designed product visuals grabbed more people’s attention. The number of likes had jumped from 0-10 to more than 100 on average.


With all the strategies and hard work on social media, the Mothers’ Day campaign has received more than 120,000 reaches and more than 1000 comments, which was a 300% increase on engagement. Fan base is enlarging and OSIM can nurture more customers through social channels.

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