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The local market for apple cider is dominated by Somersby. As a late comer in the market, Strongbow would like to increase their market share and establish remarkable brand image in Hong Kong.


By understanding the customer behavior, we identified a target group aged between 18-30 years old. We launched a range of games and eye-catching visual contents that match the target audience’s taste and lifestyle. Our team also included the hot topics in town to delight and surprise target audience.

Examples of Work

Strongbow social media marketing agency hong kong New digital noise

Our team produced professional and enticing visuals for posts.


Strongbow social media marketing agency hong kong New digital noise

By leveraging new technology, our team produced a 360 video for a campaign. The video challenged audience to count the number of Strongbow products within specific time period in order to win some prizes. The video was entertaining and successfully aroused the customers’ attention at first glance.


The number of Page likes have increased 300% within 3 months, nurturing a number of dedicated fans and advocates who constantly like and share the contents. Besides, continuous fans engagement has greatly increased the organic reach of the page, leading to long-term effectiveness of social campaigns.

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