July 12th, 2016

5 Successful Content Marketing Cases 2016 (Hong Kong)

Marketing Strategy in Digital Age

Are you relying on content marketing to build brand awareness and nurture leads on social media? Have you observed that the organic reach of your Facebook page is decreasing recently? With the new Facebook algorithm, corporate Facebook pages averagely get only 2% of organic reach for their posts (Hubspot). In order to win the game, creating high quality and engaging content is a must. Therefore, we have shortlisted 5 of the recent successful contents for your reference, demonstrating how creativity and technology help increase the organic reach in the social media battlefield.

1. FujiFilm – “Photo of Photo” Stories


Fujifilm Instax faced the same difficulties with lots of other brands: to engage with fans and sustain long-term brand awareness on social media. By thorough customer investigation, we identified an engaging segment and target the hipster (文青) audience. Our team created a series of appealing “Photo of Photo” posts, covering stories about our city, life and travel…etc. The contents created were very engaging and attractive to the target audience, generating 30X more organic reach than average. (View more Fujifilm examples)

2. Toyota Macau – 360 View Interactive Video

Toyota Macau

Statistics have shown that people generally prefer watching videos on Facebook. To make the watching experience more engaging and fun, our social media marketing team launched a campaign with a 360 view video which allowed audience to look at a car’s interior design at any angle and participated in a game. This interactive way made participants more observant in recognizing the details of the car, which helped to nurture potential customers online and contributed positive impression towards the brand. (View the video)

3. CSL 1010 – Facebook Instant Article


Do you know that the Instant Article in Facebook is 10X Faster than standard mobile web articles? And the readers are 30% more likely to share Instant Content than mobile web articles on average? Taking advantage of the technology, our team connected a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Fong Kin Yi and featured her stories with 1010’s audience. With fast and immersive reading experience on Instant Article, readers are more engaged and impressed by the interactive post. (View the mobile article)

4. Osim – Photography in Finely Picked Airbnb Scene


Impressive photos are the halfway to success on social media. To hook target audience on Osim’s various massage products, our team handpicked an Airbnb apartment in Hong Kong and took a series of professional photos for the social campaigns. Moody bird view photos with a sense of family warmth have captured the attention of the working class audience, which help sustain brand awareness in long run. (View the page)

5. Tourism Australia – Useful and Interesting Tips

Tourism Australia

Viral marketing isn’t that difficult. Are you creating contents which are “optimized” for sharing? In generally, people like to share new, interesting or useful materials they have read online. Trying different types of content is the wise way to capture attention. By featuring interesting tips for travellers and couples, hundreds and thousands of people are sharing and liking the contents. It is continuously generating high organic reach to the Tourism Australia page, which amplifies the marketing effort. (View the post)

Great credits goes to our passionate teams who are dedicated and motivated to bring long-term excellence to our clients. If you want to succeed on social media, Contact us for free consultation! If you are looking for the most updated marketing technology, feel free to check out our artificial intelligence solution in Hong Kong.

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