October 8th, 2019

Facebook Streamlines Campaign Creation And Management

Earlier this year, Facebook announced changes to its Ads Manager and Business Manager to improve user experience. These changes include:

Simpler design

A more streamlined and cleaner Ads Manager interface has been introduced. Its simplified navigation features allow more space to manage ads and promote tools that help gauge ad performance. 

Copy & paste functionality and auto-naming

Advertisers are given more flexibility when creating ads with the launch of a copy and paste functionality. An auto-naming feature has also been added for businesses to customize their ads in a much shorter time.

Adding new clients made easy

Business Manager has been updated to allow agencies to activate their clients’ campaigns more efficiently. These updates include a streamlined process for agencies to add new clients, making it easier to manage clients’ historical reporting, as well as to assign and organize assets within a Business Manager account.

Over the past month, Facebook has also updated page posts and ads on mobile to provide a more consistent look across the Facebook’s family of apps and longer term value for its clients. These updates include:

 These updates include:

  visible primary text being shortened from 3 to 7 lines, with a prompt at the end to read remaining text.

  maximum media height being revised from a 2:3 to 4:5 aspect ratio for photos and videos.

As part of its continuous efforts to refine targeting options, Facebook has removed targeting options that are outdated or had not been popular among businesses.  For instance, options associated with older song titles, albums or games are no longer available. The aim is to make it easier for advertisers to identify and take advantage of the right targeting options. In the meantime, guidance is available to those who are looking for options that have been removed. 

With Facebook always evolving to deliver the best user experience and products, advertisers can simply kick back, relax, and quite literally, let Facebook do their work! Share with us your thoughts about the latest updates.

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